Steps to Become a Virtual Assistant in Nigeria

Steps To Become a Virtual Assistant in Nigeria

Steps to become a virtual assistant in Nigeria
Steps to become a virtual assistant in Nigeria

It is sad to know that the underemployment and unemployment rate in Nigeria  33%, is the second highest on global list. This alarming rate of unemployment in Nigeria has brought about a high increase in the number of Nigerians migrating to other nations like Canada, the UK, the USA, Dubai, and Malaysia in search of greener pasture.

However, many have accepted the fate of enduring the suffering because they cannot afford the financial implication of relocating to these countries.

Worry no more, this article is going to show you how you can work online as a freelancer or virtual assistant in Nigeria and earn a monthly income in hard currencies.

Lots of professionals and small business owners and executives worldwide have currently resort to hiring virtual assistants on a contract basis to cut their expenses on hiring full-time employees to handle both administrative and clerical tasks.

So, there is room for you to have your bite of the dollars right here in Nigeria.

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Who is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is an independent contractor who provides administrative or technical services to clients without being physically present in the location. Typically, a virtual assistant operates from a home office but has access to all the necessary documents needed for the successful execution of the job.

Who Can Work as a Virtual Assistant?

Anyone can become a virtual assistant. There is no hard and fast rule as per the requirements or qualifications for becoming a virtual assistant.

However, most clients, require that you have at least finished your secondary education. Having a degree is an added advantage.

Benefits of a Virtual Assistant

For the freelancer

  1. It gives room for flexibility.
  2. You only take on tasks that you love to work on.
  3. It allows you to determine your own working hours.
  4. There is no restriction to one location. You can work remotely from anywhere with internet access.
  5. You have time to enjoy yourself, be with your family, travel around and do the things you love as a digital nomad.

For the Clients

  1. Hiring a virtual assistant helps them to free up valuable hours and work on more important tasks.
  2. They can focus more on growing their business and generating more revenue.
  3. Flexibility to contract for just the services they need at every time, T. They can pay VA’s by the task or by the hour depending on what’s best for them.
  4. It helps them to cut costs.

How Does a Virtual Assistant Work?

Hiring virtual assistants has become more prominent in recent times. The COVID-19 pandemic is a plus to the virtual assistant industry. Most businesses and startups rely heavily on virtual offices to reduce costs.

Businesses of all sizes have increased their daily operations. Since freelancers work offsite, there is no need to create a workspace for them, no need to buy a desk or computer for them. They pay for their internet services.

There is no need to provide pension benefits for a VA or pay taxes on them as they would for a full-time employee.

How Much Can You Earn as a Virtual assistant?

You can earn anywhere from $5 to $50 per hour. On average, most virtual assistants earn $20 per hour while those with in-demand specialized skills earn up to $125 per hour.

So, working for just 25 hours per week you can conveniently earn $2000 monthly at $20/hour or $1000 at $10/hour. If you happen to land clients that pay you more than that you can do the Math.

The work is very rewarding although it requires lots of hard work when you are just starting out.

Services You Can Render as a Virtual Assistant

There are lots of services you can render as a Virtual assistant. They include:

  • Appointments setting
  • Project management
  • Data entry
  • Bookkeeping
  • Copywriting
  • Audio/video editing
  • Photo editing
  • Lead generation
  • Reading and responding to business emails
  • Tutoring
  • Ghostwriting
  • Electronic filing
  • Desktop publishing
  • Graphic design
  • Website design
  • Programming
  • Researching
  • Transcription
  • SEO
  • Coaching
  • Social media management
  • Speech preparations and so on.

If you have the right skills, you can earn lots of money as a virtual assistant. You can be paid monthly on a retainer, hourly, or per task.

Steps to Become a Virtual Assistant in Nigeria

  1. Discover your skill sets – as we speak, there might be some stuff you are good at already. Does it involve one or two of the services a virtual assistant can render? If yes, you are one step closer to becoming a virtual assistant.

Do the mind search you might be surprised at how many skills you have already.

  1. Get the necessary training – You need to enroll for training in any of these skills you are interested in rendering as a service. Also enrolling in professional virtual assistant training would help you to have a good start.
  2. Decide on your area of specialization – You need to define your services. One cannot afford to be a jack of all trades and master of none. So, there is a need to narrow down and focus on skills you are truly good at.
  3. Get the necessary tools – As a virtual assistant, you need to get your tools ready. Your most important gadget is your laptop or desktop computer. Secure a good laptop with a large space.

Another thing you’ll need is a good internet connection and the necessary software for your kind of service.

You will also need to have a dedicated workspace in your house for your business.

  1. List your gigs on freelancing sites – Now that you are ready to work, you need to list your services on freelancing websites like Fiverr and Upwork.

As a Nigerian, you can also sign up on NairaWorkers and start earning some extra income by performing simple tasks. Sign up here now and you will earn an N500 sign-up bonus.

  1. Finally, create a social media page for your business, and having your own website is gonna be a plus.

Success Tips For Nigerian Virtual Assistants

  1. Be sure to handle your work diligently.
  2. Always strive to meet up deadlines.
  3. Be honest and trustworthy. These will help you to be able to retain your clients.

Now that you know what to do, delay no further, take action and become financially free.










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