Toonly Review – Animated Video Software

Toonly Review- Animated Video Software (Read this Before You Buy)

Toonly Review
Toonly Review

Toonly is made by the creators of doodly. However, this is not made as a doodle maker. It is created as animated video software.

Animated explainer videos have gained much popularity in recent times. This is because they are super easy to set up. Most of the features are drag and drop. They are newbie-friendly.

When you are listing the best animation explainer software, you cannot but mention Toonly. Although Toonly is not a new tool in the video software industry, it has recently been making waves in the industry.

There are some clear differences between Toonly and Doodly. Although they have some features that overlap, they are both created for different purposes.

Toonly is made especially for creating animated explainer videos while Doodly is focused on making doodle videos.

In this review, we’re taking a look at the Toonly animation maker and everything that comes along with it.

Here’s a detailed and honest review of Toonly and every other gist I think you should know about the software before you go ahead to buy it for your use.

So, let’s dive right in.

Toonly Review: What Toonly is not?

Toonly is not an online cloud-based platform). Toonly, unlike Doodly, is not for whiteboard animation videos. You will not get the animation of a hand, drawing and writing things on your screen.

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Toonly Review: What is Toonly?

Toonly is a drag and drop explainer video creator that is specially made for creating cartoon sales videos in minutes. It is suitable for both products based and service-based businesses.

It is a software. Just like Doodly, it is simple to use, and it requires no coding. You just simply drag and drop.

They have a library of pre-made objects, people, and music that you can use to make videos for different niches. The persons and pre-loaded scenes have in-built animation. You may use them to add emphasis to your videos.

The platform allows you to upload your own images. However, your custom images cannot be given animations.

The software can be used to edit or make simple videos that are meant to provide a step-by-step guide on how to go about a certain concept or marketing of a particular product and/or service.

It does not have the autosave feature, so you need to save your work from time to time so that you won’t lose them.

Toonly explainer software is packed with lots of features and animated tools which we would talk about later. First, let’s talk about how the software works.

How Does Toonly Works?

I have said something about this earlier, but I will repeat myself but this time, as a more comprehensive guide.

If you’re looking for video animation software that is easy to jump into and come out the other side of quickly, you’ve got to at least checkout Toonly.

How to use Toonly

Your first step in using the Toonly software is to choose your preferred background or scene for the proposed video content.

If you are still confused as to where to start, you can begin by using an already existing scene that has most of the necessary kinds of stuff you think you’ll need in your video content, but you’ll still have to customize it a little to meet your taste perfectly.

After this, you can begin to make use of the drag and drop buttons to add images, dialogue, people, and audio that you want to include in the animated video. You may even record the voiceover soundtrack into the video if you so desire.

Boom! your video is now ready. Just play around with it to ensure it is perfectly customized to meet your taste.

Once you have done everything as per your desire or according to your client’s request you can go ahead and approve the video, save, and export it down to your desired destination.

Features of Toonly

  1. Easy-To-Use Intuitive Interface

Are you new to designing? Toonly have you covered. It is super easy to use. Simply select a background for your video, then click-and-drag characters onto it.  Then you animate them by clicking on your mouse or by holding the Control key down if you’re on a Mac. And that’s it.

It could not be any easier. Within few minutes, you can create your first animated explainer video.

  1. A Massive Library Containing Tons of Characters, Background, and Props

Toonly has a massive library that contains tons of images. Toonly does not use stock images all the images were custom-made by their in-house graphic designers.

You might not be able to find such high-quality animations elsewhere on the planet. With Toonly, you’ll get access to 510-character images. 30 characters with 17 different poses each.

You’ll also get 81 different backgrounds and scenes, and hundreds of props covering every topic and niche you can imagine.

  1. Create Professional Videos for any Industry, Niche, or Profession

The background, props, and folds of characters on Toonly were designed for the consumption of all niches and industries. This implies that Toonly is created with everyone in mind regardless of the niche…

It doesn’t matter whether you are a B2B, B2C, freelancer, digital marketer, or a marketing agency selling a particular product and services. Even, if you are not selling anything, Toonly is there to serve you better.

  1. Newbie-Friendly Premade Scenes

If you want to create your first video fast, you’ll love Toonly’s premade scenes. Each of the premade scenes combines a background, character(s), and props into one complete package, so you won’t waste any time getting your video in front of fans, followers, clients, prospects, customers, employees, donors, or anyone else you can think of!

  1. Custom Voiceover Audio

Add or customize a voiceover into your video with ease. If the soundtracks on Toonly are not compatible with the cartoon explainer video you are making, you easily add your own.

To do this, upload a voiceover file or audio content of your choice. You can also click on the record button and start talking or voicing over your desired dialogue. Toonly automatically adds the dialogues to the video as you are voicing it.

  1. Royalty-Free Audio Music Tracks for any Genre

Just drag and drop your choice of background music to the video timeline. Then, adjust the volume up or down, to your satisfaction, with a click of your mouse. Instantly, your video will sound like it has been created by one of those pricey professional designers.

  1. Install on Multiple Computers

Toonly can be installed on as many computers as you want. There is no restriction. You can download and install it on a PC or Mac. Installation instructions will also be sent to your email.

  1. Easily Export Videos with Various File Sizes and Resolutions

After you have created your custom animated explainer video, you will be able to export your video in various resolutions (480p, 720p, 1080p, 1440p, 4K, even custom), file sizes (24-60 fps), and quality (low-maximum).

  1. Regular Features Update

Toonly is constantly been updated with additional features based on your feedback. Each time they release something new and cool, you’ll get an update, absolutely free of charge!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Toonly

Advantages of Toonly

  1. Easy to use
  2. Unlimited Video export
  3. 30-days money-back guaranteed
  4. Free software update
  5. Cheaper than most of its competitors like PowToon
  1. Easy to Use

It is designed in such a way that a newbie can use it to create an explainer video like a pro. This advantage alone gives it an edge over its competitors.

  1. Unlimited Video Export

When you are done creating a personalized animated explainer video that meets your taste, you’ll be able to save and export the video file in different resolutions ranging from 480p, 720p, 1080p. You can customize it to your desired resolution as well.

  1. 30 Days Money Back Guaranteed

Although Toonly does not offer a free trial, you can subscribe to a plan of your choice, standard plan or enterprise plan, and within 30 days, if you are not satisfied with the service rendered, you can call for a refund of your money by writing to their customer service. This makes it risk-free.

  1. Free Software Update

Toonly loves to get feedback from you, and as such, updates it software at regular intervals to meet its user’s wants and demands. So, if you choose to use the Toonly explainer video tool, you’ll be entitled to the weekly software update at no extra cost.

  1. Cheaper than most of its competitors like PowToon

It keeps is pricing simple and it is not as expensive as those of its competitors. PowToon for instance is $15 per month at the minimum and they have up to for plans.

Disadvantages of Toonly

  1. No autosave
  2. No free trial
  3. Cannot animate an uploaded image
  4. Can’t sync a sound with specific animation

     1. No Autosave

Toonly does not have an autosave feature. This means you must remember to save your work from time to time so that you don’t lose them. This side of Toonly is disappointing. If you have invested your time to create an explainer video without saving and you mistakenly leave the editing page or if eventualities occur, then you would have labored in vain.

  1. No Free Trial

Toonly does not have a free trial feature and as such, passionate users that cannot afford to subscribe for the first time will not be able to use the software. It would have been good if it offers at least a 7-day free trial. However, this is not so much a disadvantage as they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. This makes it to still be risk-free.

  1. Cannot Animate an Uploaded Image

There is no option for custom animation within Toonly. You must choose from their own animations which they already provided. If you choose from their list of images or people, they can perform actions and animations, but your own uploaded images are limited to static imagery.

    1. Can’t Sync A Sound with Specific Animation

Just like Doodly, Toonly has no option to sync a sound with a specific animation. The only thing to do is to first record your audio, re-listen to it and at the moments you say something you want animation on, you pause it and add your animation.


Why Should You Invest in Animated Explainer Videos?

  1. Informs & Educates Your Audience
  2. Reduces Hard Marketing
  3. Highly Shareable
  4. Great for Story Telling


#1. Informs and educates your audience.

Investing in cartoon explainer videos can be very effective in grabbing and sustaining the attention of your target audience.

It can also be used to inform, enlighten, and convert them into prospective clients or visitors.

#2. It reduces hard marketing.

Many digital agencies would charge you between $500-$3000 to create an animated explainer video that would last for few minutes.

Why not invest in the tool so that you can cut off the chase of investing heavily in digital agencies?

#3. It is highly shareable.

Investing in animated videos may rake in lots of cash into your pocket if you know how to use and monetize the tools properly.

You can easily share your video content on YouTube, Vimeo, WhatsApp, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. And this can translate to lots of cash for you if they are properly monetized.

#4. It is great for storytelling.

You may also invest in animated explainer videos to gain your audience’s attention through storytelling.

Sometimes, using words or dialogue might not be that effective in gaining your audience’s attention, especially when they are individuals who have got no flair for reading. So, with animated explainer videos, they will be forced to watch (since it’s fun) and read your sales stories as they unfold.


 Toonly Tutorials

Toonly offers 12 video tutorials on their website to make it easy for anyone to jump right in and get started.


The videos cover some of the following issues and concerns:

VIDEO #1 – Toonly Interface

VIDEO #2 – Working with Characters

VIDEO #3 – Working with Objects

VIDEO #4 – Transitions

VIDEO #5 – Adding Music

VIDEO #6 – Adding A Voiceover

VIDEO #7 – Backgrounds & Preset Scenes

VIDEO #8 – Zooming & Panning

VIDEO #9 – Text Underlay & Object Rotation

VIDEO #10 – Animation Trimming

VIDEO #11 – Bulk Operations

VIDEO #12 – Lip Sync


Who Can Use Toonly?

Toonly is an animated explainer video software that is meant for everyone. No matter your business model or niche, Toonly can serve you better in promoting your goods and services to your prospective audience and clients in a stunning way.

Whether you are a B2B agent, video animator, affiliate marketer, or online entrepreneur: you will find Toonly worthwhile.

Below are other classes of individuals or businesses that can use Toonly.

  1. Presenters
  2. Small Business Owners
  3. Digital Marketers
  4. Information Technology
  5. B2B Sales
  6. Non-Profits Organizations
  7. Human Resources
  8. Virtual Assistants
  1. Presenters

Toonly is also great for presenters and trainers. As a presenter, you may use Toonly to create animated explainer videos whenever you want to drive home important points, explain complex concepts, or liven up a presentation.

With this, you will be able to use an animated explainer video for a better illustration of what you are presenting. As such, your presentation will be more interactive and engaging, and your viewers will be listening, watching, and reading.

  1. Small Business Owners

Animated explainer videos will work perfectly for any business-minded person who sells physical products. Or anyone who provides a decent service such as real estate, coaching, fitness instructor, dentistry, chiropractic, and the likes.

This is because most of their audience finds it more comfortable to watch explainer videos. Therefore, using Toonly as a small business owner will be a great way of introducing your new prospects to your goods, services, or products.

  1. Digital Marketers

The online marketplace is so crowded that the competition for potential clients is fiercer these days.

Therefore, if you’ve made up your mind to be successful online as an entrepreneur, there’s a need for your business to stand out amidst competitors. And animated explainer videos can help you to do justice to that.

Aside from the fact that explainer videos are great for marketing physical products, they are super-effective, too, for all kinds of agencies that offer Facebook advertising, email marketing, and search engine marketing to mention but a few.

  1. Information Technology

To an average person, reading about Information Technology stuff can be boring and may end up leaving before you pass your main message. However, with this software, you can create awesome videos that everybody will want to watch till the end.

You can as well use it to create ads or sales pitches that will make you stand out amidst desperate competitors.

  1. B2B Sales

Often, people see B2B as a boring enterprise. So as an agent, how do you change people’s perception of this? Well, you can achieve this by presenting information about your company using an animated explainer video tool like Toonly.

Toonly will assist you in creating a clever and scintillating animated explainer video that will pass engaging messages to the world about what you offer in your company. You might be able to attract the attention of your prospective C-level executives through it, as well.

  1. Non-Profits Organizations

Not-for-profit organizations can as well use this tool to create a compelling and engaging story about their vision, mission, and what they strive to build or want to be in the nearest future.

You can also use explainer videos to recruit, request donations, increase social media presence, and announce upcoming fundraisers.

  1. Human Resources

There are diverse means by which the human resources team can also take their own cut from the use of the Toonly animated explainer video creation software.

You can use it to create ads in a bid to pass information across to your target audience, job seekers, and recruits, etc.

It can be used to train recruits and interns on the nature of the job that is expected of them and it can equally be used to design presentation topics in workshops and seminars.

     8.  Virtual Assistants

As a virtual assistant who offers video creation as a service, this is going to be a great tool in your hand. You will be able to create high-converting videos for your clients using this animated explainer video software.


Comparison between Toonly and Doodly?

If you desire that a hand shows in your explainer videos, then you’re better off getting Doodly.

Doodly will also serve you better if you need to include lots of text. Toonly is more design to write headings than large text.

However, Toonly does allow for better animations and you can sync animations to happen at the same time. In Doodly each animation must occur one after the other.


What Can You Make with Toonly for Your Business?

As part of our Toonly review, we’ve included what your business can create using the Toonly Software.

So if you have flair for animated explainer videos for all that they offered but not sure of where to use them to your advantage, then this is for you.

Please check below for how some digital marketers and small business owners are using Toonly software to increase their conversion rate.

  1. Landing Pages
  2. Sales Video
  3. Facebook Ads
  4. Webinar/Presentation
  5. Social Media Videos
  6. Product Pages and upsell pages
  7. Email Marketing
  1. Landing Pages

Create an animated explainer video and place it on your business’s landing page to reduce the bounce rate on an average, say by 29%!

With the animated video, prospective customers are likely to be engaged and likely to stay longer on the site for other interesting things to watch.

     2. Sales Video

It can combine storytelling, emotions, and engaging props and characters to grab prospects’ attention till the end.

Internet marketers may use it to sell products to their prospects while rebutting typical buyer objections.


      3. Facebook Ads

Create 15 seconds to 1-minute animated explainer video for Facebook ads and watch how the user engagement and click-through rates will soar.

      4. Webinar/Presentation

Animated explainer videos will help you to breathe more life into your webinars and presentations.

It’s great in explaining complex concepts and it increases your audience retention on what your product or service is about.

       5. Social Media Videos

This kind of video has a higher entertainment value, and they also have all it takes to go viral within seconds, using Toonly to create explainer videos will be a perfect fit for social media. You’ll be able to gain more user engagement, likes, shares, and followers.

        6. Product Page/ Upsell Pages

Some products page/ upsell pages need complex explanations; Toonly animated explainer video software is the answer! These cartoons but unique videos are ideal for explaining and illustrating products’ benefits in a fun and easy-to-understand ways.

         7. Email Marketing

You can also use animated explainer videos to explain in detail how your product or services works. You can also use it to reconnect with lost or old customers via video email marketing.

Pricing – How Much Does Toonly Cost?

Toonly Standard plan subscription costs $39 monthly, while the Enterprise plan subscription is valued at $69 per month.

The Standard plan offers:

Premium support

21 scene transitions

10 premade scenes

79 background

Unlimited videos

25 Facial expressions

20 background Audios

3 text animations

Use on multiple computers

716 prop images

Invitation to Toonly Facebook group

30 characters

17 character animations

The Enterprise plan offers:

Premium support

101 scene transitions

20 premade scenes

147 background

Unlimited videos

360 Facial expressions

142 background Audios

5 text animations

Use on multiple computers

1783 prop images

Invitation to Toonly Facebook group

68 characters

30character animations

Access to Toonly Club (Get New Characters & Props Monthly)


Toonly FAQs

Can Toonly be used offline?

Yes, Toonly can be downloaded for offline use.

Which is better: Doodly or Toonly?

It depends on the type of project you’ll be doing with each of them. If you need to grab your audience’s attention by presenting a particular business opportunity or ideas to them, then use Toonly. But if you will be pitching investors for your business, then use Doodly.

How long can a Toonly video be?

It can be as long as five minutes, depending on the purpose of the video.

Is Toonly any good?

Yes, Toonly is a very beautiful, animated explainer video tool with lots of amazing features. It has lots of advantages that overshadowed its other sides.

Are Doodly and Toonly the same?

No, Doodly is hand sketching or whiteboard animation video software while Toonly is an animated explainer video tool.



There are numerous reasons why lots of people have turned to use videos as part of their marketing strategy. I will mention just two:

#1. Videos show up easily on Google (and Bing) search results. It’s good for SEO.

#2. YouTube, which is specially meant for videos, is the number 2 largest search engine.

Therefore, Toonly is a quick and inexpensive way that I will recommend that you use to make your own videos. It’s so simple and easy to use.

Would you like to try Toonly today? You can get it HERE.


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